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“Checkmarx One definitely checks all my boxes from a security standpoint and has a great interface that’s engaging and easy to use. Some of the solutions we considered were more complicated. With Checkmarx One, it’s easy to get right to the problem with little to no learning curve.”

“Incorporating Checkmarx’s technology has revolutionized our development culture. It’s more than just technology; it serves as the foundation of our security strategy, ensuring that our applications are secure by design.”

“The success of our AppSec program can be directly attributed to the tooling, processes and support provided by Checkmarx managed services. Our mission revolves around providing secure and compliant lottery and gaming applications and services to our clients around the globe, and with Checkmarx SAST, SCA and associated components enhanced by their stellar service support, we deliver on this promise with confidence and certainty.”

“After nearly nine years of using Checkmarx’s SAST, CGI’s journey has been one of seamless integration and consistent satisfaction. The last three years have been particularly smooth, reflecting the solution’s reliability and our successful partnership.”

“After reviewing the Checkmarx platform, I’m not sure how Veracode is able to exist while being at a similar price point.”

“Checkmarx’s execution is impressive; it’s brought all the products under one cloud platform.”

“By Far The Best AppSec Tooling Decision We Have Made!!”

“We were thrilled to find Checkmarx, which helped us improve the SLA for identifying and remediating risk, reduce risk and the number of vulnerabilities, and eliminate high- and medium-risk issues.”

“Checkmarx made security team and developers life easier.”

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