Just Launched: Checkmarx AI Security

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May 5, 2024

Why AI Security? Because you deserve a better answer than “because everyone’s talking about it.” 

There are two key challenges around AI that make this an essential area for AppSec platforms to address. 

The first is that AI is disrupting the developer workflow that AppSec teams have worked hard to integrate with. We know that AI Large Language Models (LLMs) do not understand secure coding practices, however developers are increasingly relying on them to maximize their coding output. This results in a flood of insecure code being directed at already resource constrained AppSec teams. AppSec teams are finding themselves in an increasingly untenable situation, especially since many developers don’t understand or practice security coding, nor prioritize AppSec. 

This brings us to the second challenge: AppSec is already hard! AppSec teams are generally under-resourced; they rely on working with cross-functional teams with often opposing incentives; and they face an increasingly complex code environment. Analysis and prioritization of vulnerabilities has already been difficult, and they have long given up on the idea of getting their vulnerability count to zero. 

AppSec teams require cutting edge tools to keep pace – and Checkmarx delivers. Last year Checkmarx pioneered a strategic approach to help AppSec organizations get the most out of AI.  Today, we are excited to announce the second wave of AI Security features from Checkmarx!  

Checkmarx’ AI Vision

Checkmarx has a clear vision for the future of AI in supporting AppSec, and sees 3 key opportunities where we can provide meaningful assistance to our customers:

  1. The Developer Workflow: Developers are, and will continue to use, AI for code generation. By plugging AppSec tools directly into the AI tools, Checkmarx aims to help secure code from the first line written, while also securing the software supply chain.
  2. Accelerate AppSec Teams: AppSec teams want to use GenAI as a productivity tool in the same way that everyone else does. Checkmarx is creating tools and platform features to simplify AppSec management and increase daily efficiency for AppSec teams .
  3. AI-Based Attacks: The use of new technology always brings new risks, and AI tools are no different. Checkmarx will help customers protect against risks targeting AI tools in the new developer workflow.

Building towards this vision, Checkmarx has already supplied developers with core features to help support the changing developer workflow experience that AI has created.  These include our AI Security Champion for Infrastructure as Code (IaC), our AI Query Builder for reducing false positives, and our Checkmarx GPT integration that helps developers understand the open source risks of generated code.  

Our newly launched features build on that momentum with more ways that allow developers to embrace AI in a way that is both comfortable to their workflow, and is mindful of the business’s responsibility to their (and their customers) data. 

Auto Remediation for SAST

Resolving security vulnerabilities is a necessary evil for developers. It is often time consuming and involves significant research and context-switching.  Each vulnerability has its own background that needs to be understood before a meaningful solution can be drawn up and implemented. 

Our new auto remediation for SAST functionality, part of our AI Security Champion plugin, aims to significantly shorten the time and effort needed for developers to remediate vulnerabilities. Now developers can get meaningful recommendations presented to them, directly in their IDE, on how to resolve specific SAST vulnerabilities, making (not just finding but) resolving vulnerabilities much more practical and reasonable. 

Want to learn more? Read about it here.

Checkmarx GPT

Code is code, regardless of if it is written by a developer, or copied and pasted from OSS, or generated by AI.  It all needs to be scanned, and if you want to scan AI generated code successfully then you need to do it in real time.  Checkmarx demonstrated how to do this with our initial Checkmarx GPT integration for ChatGPT, which allowed Checkmarx to analyze the generated code for malicious packages, hallucinations, and potential versioning and licensing challenges.  We have further extended the Checkmarx GPT functionality by including the ability to perform a SAST scan as part of the process.  Now, developers using ChatGPT can leverage a full security check of the generated code in real  time and get remediation advice for specific vulnerabilities.

GitHub Copilot Integration

In the spirit of our Checkmarx GPT plugin, we know that many developers are using Copilot to drive their code generation needs. Many developers have Copilot integrated directly into their IDE, and just as we did with ChatGPT, we knew we needed to provide a real-time scan for Copilot-generated code.  Our VS Code Plugin for Checkmarx now supports real-time IDE scanning for all types of code, including Copilot generated code, which allows developers to get a super fast SAST scan of the code, as it’s being created. 

Read this blog post to get more details.

Prompt Security

Checkmarx cares about your data.  We understand that for many organizations considering leveraging Generative AI, the risk of your data being accidently leaked is a tough to weigh out. Checkmarx is partnering with Prompt Security to help secure all uses of Generative AI in an organization: from tools used by your employees to customer facing applications. Checkmarx and Prompt are working together to help AppSec understand what is being passed to a Large Language Model, and providing ways to sanitize and block unwanted data from being shared. 

AI in Your AppSec Program

It can get overwhelming trying to keep track of all the developments around AI. We are convinced they need to be integrated into your existing AppSec program purposefully, with a defined strategy and plan. So, we incorporated AI into our AppSec Maturity Model  – APMA. When we discuss and assess your AppSec program with you, we will also consider your organization’s AI strategy. We will then work with you to build a way to leverage AI opportunities, while protecting against AI-related risks, using our AppSec AI solutions and best practices.

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As the adoption of generative AI in software development continues to grow, Checkmarx remains dedicated to guiding organizations through their AppSec journeys. By focusing on enhancing the developer experience, reducing false positives, and addressing the unique threats posed by AI, Checkmarx is paving the way for a more secure digital future. Our investment in advanced solutions reflects our commitment to not just identifying problems but also providing the solutions that empower developers to build safer, more secure software in the age of AI.

We’re at RSA this week and we encourage you to stop by our booth to see and participate in live demos of our most recent announcements, and check out the additional blogs linked within this blog post for more details!